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Patio Sun Shades Ideas

Patio sun shades create a comfortable place to sit outside. There are many different options for hedging shaded patio from stable and permanent materials on the temperament of material such as vinyl or canvas. Patio shades are often attached to permanent autonomous structures. Build your covered patio with all weather possibilities in mind so your patio will always be accessible to you.

Backyard Patio Sun Shades

Backyard Patio Sun Shades

Dig four holes around your patio sun shades. Each hole should be 2 meters deep and 1 foot in diameter. Insert a wooden beam 11-by-2-by-4-foot in each hole. Place 3 inches of gravel in the holes and pour in quick drying cement. Do not overfill past the edges of the holes. Follow the instructions provided with the mixing instructions cement. Allow 24 hours for the dry cement.

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Use a hammer and nails to connect the 2-by-4s four more wooden beams. The length of each beam may vary depending on your patio sun shades measures. Each beam must connect two-by-4s 2 along the top to form a square. Use a drill and screws to install braces in each corner of 45 degrees. This completes the exterior structure of the shade of the patio. Cover the structure with tips, lattice, grids or wooden slats. Secure the material of your choice at the pole supports with nails or screws. In addition, you can use a tarp or other materials, such as canvas, to cover your patio.

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