Ideas for Build Carport Canopy

Carport canopy – Keep your car protected from the weather. Carports offer protection against frost, rain and snow. A clear canopy preferred, so you do not need to light your carport. Clear plastic corrugated roofing sheets, therefore making an ideal material for a canopy. The architect Frank Lloyd Wright was the first to coin the term carport, unlike a garage, a structure for storing a vehicle.

Awesome Carport Canopy

Awesome Carport Canopy

Mark with chalk a line that measures 18 feet 4 inches over the side of the building you want to fit your carport canopy. The line should be horizontal and eight meters above the ground. Did any 2-by-2-inch lumber to 18 feet 4 inches in length to match your line. And if you do not have a section long enough, two half-sized sections will do. Drill eight evenly spaced holes along the wood.

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Cut two sections of the 2-by-4-inch lumber to 18 feet, and two sections to 7 meters. These will used to make the page frame on your carport canopy. Then place the 18-foot sections parallel to the ground with the 7-foot sections at each end to form a rectangle. Screw 7-foot sections in the ends of the 18-foot sections. And then cut a section of 2-by-4-inch lumber to 6 feet 8 inches to a third upright for your frame. Place the new upright in the middle of the rectangular frame between the two upright sections.