Caring your Redwood Decking

Redwood decking – with proper care, will serve you and your family through many summer barbecues and pool parties. Proper cleaning and sealing your deck helps keep debris and weather damaging the wood. While allowing the natural beauty of pine wood to shine through.

Faux Redwood Decking

Faux Redwood Decking

Your backyard deck must be maintained regularly. Redwood decking should be swept at least three times a week. More if there were high winds or no activity, has brought sand, dirt or other boring topics on the deck. Clean the deck thoroughly with a power washer at the start of the season and once a month to two months, depending on how much use your tires must, throughout the season. The deck should be revamped with a sealant once a year to two years.

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Organic detergents such as Simple Green, Clean Gone or Clear magic make good cleanser for your redwood decking when you mix a half gallon is a gallon of water in a bucket. Using an organic cleaner is especially important if you run out will land in your lawn or discount. Wet tire with the cleaning solution and keep wet for 10 to 15 minutes. Scrub wood with a deck brush. Use more solution and a brush to scrub your deck railings and steps as well.